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AI Soldiers (Bots)

Black Ops version of Frontlines

AI Soldiers (Bots)

Postby Hajas » Wed May 02, 2012 10:57 am

After several hours of hard work I finally made a dream come true, now the bots not only fight for the objectives, but also complete them to try to win the match at all costs.

Their behaviors will change continuously during the matches like a real player, deciding when and where to attack/defend relatives to the situation of his team on that moment.

AI Soldiers (Bots)

. Bots to ALL gametypes and tweeked to be more human
. Medic Bots will look for wounded friends and save them
. Bots will Plant/Disarm bombs and fight to get the bomb
. Bots will Capture/Defend Flags in Domination
. Bots will Capture/Defend HQs in Headquarters
. Bots will Capture/Recover Flags in CTF
. Bots will fight for the DOCs in Airborne gametype and Recover/Upload them

They are playing right now 24/7 waiting for new blood on the servers below:

Image Image Image

Just join and have fun! You will love to hate them... :wink:
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