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Update 2013 and MODDB Release!

Quake II Evolved version to Blood Culture

Update 2013 and MODDB Release!

Postby Hajas » Tue Jul 16, 2013 9:32 am

After almost 5 years without touch in this project I decided to do a small but great update to our beloved Quake 2 Evolved Blood Culture and release it @ MODDB.

Got his Memory Allocation improved to deal with LOTs of INTELLIGENT bots like Quake 2 never were able to handle, and aside that Widescreen resolutions (without any distortions) were added, incluiding FULL HD.

The new bots are now only available at our dedicated server below and STILL is in development.


1. Install Q2E Blood Culture
2. Install Q2E Blood Culture Patch 2013
3. Install OpenAL drivers
4. Configure your BC Config
5. Have fun!

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