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Star Wars Frontlines - Features/Status

Galactic Warfare version

Star Wars Frontlines - Features/Status

Postby Hajas » Tue Feb 10, 2015 9:58 am


Star Wars Frontlines development started in early 2014 and I'm working slowly on it in the short free time I found. Here are the features with their current status.


Online : Version 1.1

. Main Features:
Code: Select all
. Random Maps
. Random Gametypes with Random Objectives
. Bots to keep the server always active with brand new AI and map routes.
. Coop Mode where we can play as a Squad against several enemies with the option to add also few bots to our side.
. Intelligent Anti-Camping
. Hardcore Damage feedback
. Change maps/gametypes without the need to restart the server (keeping the BOTs)
. Killcam only available for Players, not for Bots
. Option to reset a BOT of your own team bashing him
. Bots are smarter than ever before going almost everywhere in the maps and doing every objective
. Original Bug Fixed : DOM gametype with map mp_anchorhead
. First Random Map
. Several improvments in coding/performance

. Random Maps Available:
Code: Select all

. Random Gametypes Available:
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Team Deathmatch
Domination (Random Flags with option to have 3, 4 or 5 at several locations)
Sabotage (Random Targets and Bombs)
Search & Destroy (Mix of the Frontlines' Assault gametype with Random Targets)
Capture The Flag : Classic CTF with 3 gameplay options

In Development:

. New Gametypes:
Code: Select all
. Very Important Droid (VID) : Original Gametype beeing converted to play with Bots

How to Play : Star Wars Frontlines - Tutorial

Enjoy! :D
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