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DOSBox setup

Any other MOD to old DOS games

DOSBox setup

Postby Hajas » Tue Apr 08, 2008 12:33 am

With this tool you will be able to run any old DOS game in your modern machine.

Official Site : http://dosbox.sourceforge.net
Download : Download Link
Online Help : http://dosbox.sourceforge.net

Basic Installation/Configuration

Install DOSBox following the instructions. With DOSBox installed proceed with this configuration. This is a one time config only.

1. create a dir called DOS in your HD

exemple: C:\DOS

2. to each DOS game that you want, create a subfolder inside the DOS folder

exemple C:\DOS\SENSI to Sensible Soccer PLUS

3. unzip the game Sensible Soccer PLUS inside his folder C:\DOS\SENSI

4. now you need to mount the HD DOS drive, since always starts as drive Z. So it's just type this:

mount C C:\DOS

but in a smart way, add the same line in the end of the dosbox.conf file which is in the root folder where you installed DOSBox. then will be something like this:

# Lines in this section will be run at startup.
mount C C:\DOS

now, it's just install each game in a subfolder inside the DOS folder.

ok, now run DOSBox... then you'll be at Z:\

type C: then hit enter

if you type DIR you will see all folders to each game you installed

use CD name_of_dir to enter on that folder

in this exemple: CD SENSI then enter

then type SOC then enter to run the game... ALT+ENTER to switch to full screen.

CD-ROM Installation/Configuration

WARNING! SWOS Brasil will run direct at your Windows without the emulator in almost cases! In Win95 & Win98 will work for sure without problems, and under WinXP will depend of your machine. So try first play it like any other game, if not work, just use DOSBox.

Some older DOS games also had the need to have his CD in your CD-ROM to work, and that's the case of SWOS Brasil. But after you do this config you will able to run any DOS game, this is a one time config only.

To run any DOS game which request the CD, add in the end of the dosbox.conf file the line mount D X:\ -t cdrom then will something like this:

# Lines in this section will be run at startup.
mount C C:\DOS
mount D X:\ -t cdrom

where X is your CD-ROM drive letter... then D will be the DOS CD-ROM.

WARNING! these letters MUST be with CAPS!

Then is just run SWS that will work great!
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