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Star Wars Frontlines - Tutorial

Galactic Warfare version

Star Wars Frontlines - Tutorial

Postby Hajas » Tue Feb 10, 2015 9:24 am

Star Wars Frontlines it's an ADD ON to the amazing Galactic Warfare MOD for Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare. Will add several features from Frontlines MOD.

The main idea was create a way to play it in my LAN with my kid, wife and friends, so BOTs was mandatory since there's no fun playing with just few players, another goal was to make the gameplay less repetitive since have a very limited number of maps and gametypes, also adding several dynamic features and gameplay improvements like a full COOP mode.

With that in mind, Star Wars Frontlines was made with several random options that will change completly the map on each round, what will give you a new experience on each time you play giving better life to the gameplay. There's so much new possibilities that will be very hard to play 2 times the same playing 2h a day for several weeks.

The first thing you NEED to play is to get Galactic Warfare MOD and install it into your Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare game. If you already have it installed, just connect at our server below to get the updated files from the Frontlines version. :wink:


If you don't have the Galactic Warfare MOD just follow the instructions below to download it!


2. Download Extra Map : mp_rebellion

3. Download do Star Wars Frontlines : Get it connecting at our server!

+++ Instalation +++
1. Unzip at some place of your HD the GALACTIC WARFARE mod
2. Move all folders inside cod4_swm_gw1\usermaps to COD4\usermaps
3. Unzip the Extra Map mp_rebellion to COD4\usermaps
4. Move the folder swm_gw1 localized at cod4_swm_gw1\Mods\ to COD4\Mods
5. Connect at our server and enjoy the force! :D


Star Wars Frontlines was entirely created without the source code of the original Galactic Warfare MOD, and because that the changes are limited and was only possible by a weird combination of C, C#, batch files and even PHP to make it work, and believe me, it's working great!

More details about the original MOD at MODDB!

May the force be with you! :D
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